Can You Imagine?

frog-889435_1280So I sat down all morning reading the posts and comments in response to The Daily Post word prompt giggle.

By the way those that I have read so far really made me giggled. Especially So Bored In Class written by Abhineet.

Anyhow, so now that I’m ready to go and run my errands the rain starts pouring!

Can you imagine? And  while I was here giggling my face away the sun was so hot and shining waiting on me!

Well, I will just continue reading more posts and continue giggling.

Can’t allow the rain to steal my joy…

Hush Up! I just realize that this post can be used for the challenge, why not?  Let me set the link!

You all enjoy your sweet giggles until….


Cudos to Pixabay for that image



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