Giving 4 little things

Do you see yourself as someone who loves to give?

Take time to think about that question.

In the meantime let me share with you 4 little things that you can give away each day.

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There are so many people you can give a simple thanks to. The simple words ‘thank you’ are magical and some people need to hear them.

Think about some of the people who have impacted your life in some way or another, make a list of those people and each day call up at least one of them and say thank you. You will be surprised to know how that simple thank you light up their world.

As you practice giving away thanks randomly, you will see that it gets better and better each day, not only that, you will also feel awesome and beautiful.

Start giving away your thanks today instead of waiting on someone else to thank you.

You count and your thanks count!

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Too many times we are caught up in our own self praise that we forget to praise others.

Start praising others in and outside of your circle, no matter how small their achievements may be. By doing this you will motivate them to move further towards greatness.

The more you praise others with a sincere heart, the more love you will spread in the world.

You must be what you want to attract!

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This one is my favorite because I’m a true believer in love. Give away love to everyone. You cannot keep all the love you have to yourself. The more you give, the more you will get.

You can give away love in simple ways such as:

1.  Allowing people to be who they are without trying to change him.

2.  Supporting the decisions of others.

3.  Knowing when it’s time to let go of someone/something.

4.  Assisting others that may be going through difficulties.

I’m sure you can come up with many other different ways.

To Love is to be able to give!

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If you have struggled to get information to be where you are today, then you will be happy to give away information. I’m sure you would not feel good to know that you are withholding information that could assist a person to achieve their dream. Would you?

Sometimes you might feel threatened by the people who you think are your competitors, but don’t let that hinder you. What is meant for you will be yours and cannot be taken away.

So start giving away information freely to others, without fear or expectation.

When you support another, you become bigger than you are!

Now that you aware of these four little things that can be given away freely, make it a daily habit to go out in the world and give. Don’t think about what you can get….but what you can give.

There is joy in giving and you will be highly blessed!




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      1. I keep a joy necklace on my headboard.

        If it looks even the least bit crooked…I straighten it.

        Joy is one of the positive words I speak out loud and often!


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