These Tricky Thoughts



I thought about a few tricky factors of life to write about and came up with a lot. I shuffled and reshuffled them but each one I chose to be my topic didn’t seem to be a good choice. Suddenly I realized that my mind must be playing one of its trick on me because of all the things in life there must be something to write about.

You see, our minds can be tricky at times and if we are not careful it will make us believe all sorts of negative things. There are so many things that we could have accomplished but sometimes we allow our minds to hijacked our heads with tricky thoughts.

And when we are consumed with these thoughts we tend to:

  1. Reject everything that is good about us
  2. Blame others for things that are not going well in our lives
  3. Predict our failure even before we try
  4. Believe our way is the only way
  5. Try to control things we cannot control

But we can try to eliminate these tricky thoughts by:

  1. Waking up each morning and keep telling ourselves that we are good enough. If we keep this thought in mind throughout the day, we’ll feel lighter and alive.
  2. Telling ourselves that we can handle anything that comes our way.
  3. Telling ourselves that we are winners. By doing this we will not believe that we are failures.
  4. Accepting changes
  5. Letting go and live. Let go of things we cannot control and go with the flow of life.

Most of all, let us be conscious of our thinking patterns.

Let us revamp our old ways of thinking and renew our minds with positive thoughts.

Have a blessed day! And remember not to get caught up with “tricky thoughts.”


In response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt Word: Tricky


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