Do You Believe In Angels?

It is midnight and every midnight I think about the lady that rescued me.

I have never walked to the bus stop before. But on that beautiful Monday evening in October, the weather was inviting. I was in a happy mood, feeling energetic and alive so I decided to enjoy the 5 minutes walk to the bus stop. After all, I told myself that a little walk could not kill me.

Lakewood, New Jersey, October 26, 2014…that’s where the ‘little walk’ nearly killed me.

The stop light for motorist was on green so I waited. The only pedestrian on the street where I stood was me. I kept waiting for the pedestrian light to flick to ‘walk’. It flicked to walk. I looked up, and I looked down. As a matter of fact, I looked everywhere. No-one was in sight but me, myself and I. No motor vehicle…nothing.

We all have a guardian angel who is always there to help us carry our load when it's too much to bear

I started my journey along the pedestrian crossing. Out of nowhere I saw a car coming from an intersection with full blown speed, heading right in my direction. I was frightened! I right hand went up quickly like a police in the stop position. Driver didn’t see me. (That’s what he said) The car hit me. I saw a lady and I reached out to her. She held me by my left shoulder and pulled me backwards. My head spun. Darkness…

When I returned to light I was on the car bonnet. I glimpsed through my weak eyes but the lady was no where to be found…

Since then I cannot stop thinking about the lady. She was tall and slender and was dressed in full red. I have no idea what her face looked like. The driver of the car that hit me said there was no other person with me. He said I was crossing the street by myself and when he hit the brakes the car hit me and I fell on the bonnet.

I knew there was a lady when I got hit. She was not crossing the street with me but she appeared when I got hit. I saw her and I felt when she pulled me backwards.

I shared this story because I believe in angels. I believe God protect his children and will let nothing harm them. I knew it was an angel that saved me. I knew it and I believe it!

This constant pain in my right shoulder could be a reminder of that awful day but whenever I feel the pain I remember her and say a silent prayer of thanksgiving to my Father. Thanks be to the Almighty.

Do you believe in angels?





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