Love In The Street…

Daily Prompt: Street

LOVE, when it’s freely shared without expectation, but rather from a genuine place within, is beautiful and sweet. Genuine love is contagious and when our hearts are overflowing with  PURE LOVE,  it radiates everywhere we go…especially in the streets.

There are people in the street that are aching to feel love. Most of them left their homes feeling distressed, confused and miserable. A home where love does not resides. But a pleasant smile, a nod of the head and a bright hello can penetrate their souls and re-fuel their energy; giving them hope and courage to face another day.

Let your love heals

Let your love be the greatest gift you give

and let your love be a source of comfort

to people in the street…


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6 thoughts on “Love In The Street…”

  1. Beautiful as always touching and penetrating my heart to know i do this everyday and then a good friend of mines say to me Your to friiendly

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    1. Oh My! But maybe your friend meant it in good way. Keep on been friendly, you are you and know one can change that. That’s so nice of you, you will be blessed. Thanks for visiting.


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