Just Say Yes


I’m sure you will agree that no-one wants to live a life that is filled with misery and pain, neither do you aim for a depressing and heart-rending type of life. You all want to live a purposeful life, one that will make you feel complete and contented.

Therefore, you always work towards a specific direction that will lead you to such a life. But amidst your planning, unexpected events can suddenly pop in and turn your life around completely, then everything you have achieved or is aiming for is lost….hitting rock bottom.

What do you do? Should you sit down and live in misery? Should you carry the burden of sorrow upon your shoulders? Not at all!  If you do such you will be taking on the role of a victim…I’m sorry for myself role. Meaning that you are saying, no I cannot accept disappointments or downfalls. Which simple means that you are not strong enough to handle the predicaments of life. In addition, you will become weak, frustrated, and angry. Emotions like these will block out every opportunity there is for a new beginning and a new growth.


Instead you have to say yes. Saying yes means that you will NEVER STOP PUSHING. It means that you are saying this is what life has handed me and I can handle it. Saying yes means you have done it once and you are powerful enough to do it again. It means you are not a victim, you are a conqueror and nothing can keep you down.

So whenever disappointment of any form comes your way, just nod your head and say ‘yes’ because you can handle any disappointment, and you can handle any downfall. Yes, you have the strength and the power to do so!

Will you say yes?


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  1. Yes…. this is a very good post…. 🙂 And you know what? Spring is coming… which makes saying “yes” to life, universe and everything much easier! 🙂

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