This Is Why I Like Me

DSC_4647 (3)

People like me they say, because

I’m quiet and Peaceful

I’m Friendly and Thoughtful

I’m Smart and Beautiful

I’m Determine and Helpful

Of course I agree

But I have more reasons

Why I like me………….

I like me because I do not puzzle myself about the impossible and my mind is not addicted to the pass. Instead, I have renovated my mind, and transformed it into a beautiful garden where serenity, generosity and laughter reside. My flowers when bloom, spring forth happiness, they radiate sunshine, they sparkle and they shine….

I like me because my thoughts are not consumed with fear and worry. I do not allow doubt to perplex  my heart, instead I’ve allowed faith and hope to swim within me like fishes in the ocean.….yes, this is why I like me.

I do not make unconscious decisions because I’m awake

My speech is not drunk because I’m sober

My words are not weak because I’m powerful

I know what I want

I know how to achieve what I want

And I usually get what I want

I like me because when defeat and failure crept upon me, I embraced them, and planted and nourished them. Today they are blooming, today I can feel them growing. Growing into an abundance of blessings, spreading like a luscious vegetation, today my seeds of defeat and failure are turning into a magnificent sea of success. Yes, this why I like me.

I like me because of who I am:

A peacemaker

A problem solver

An adviser

I like me because of what I choose to do:

I can hear but I choose to listen

I can be malicious but I choose to forgive

I can hate but I choose to love

I know how to cry

And I know how to laugh

I know when I fall

And I know when to rise

But most of all this is why I like me:

I like me because I know that

YOU like me too.