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Can’t…..a word that has only four letters yet so powerful…if we allow it to.

Can’t….a very strong word that will leave us weak and helpless…if we allow it to.

This word is being use so frequently by people everywhere without thoughts about its implications . Just by saying I can’t you are telling yourself that you are powerless and  have no control of your life. That is a lie, because you do have total control of your life. It’s your life and only you know what is best for it. So why is this word used so often?


Some Usages Of Can’t

1.  For Excuses

Individuals who are lazy are the ones who like to make excuses. They are given a task that they think is out of their league and instead of trying they say they can’t and then they find all sort of reasons why they cannot do it.

Lazy people are not the only ones who are guilty of making excuses. Hard working people make excuses as well. Sometimes to prevent themselves from socializing they make excuses saying that they are too tired, or have other plans when in fact they just do not want to attend.

But whether you are lazy or hardworking you do not have to say I can’t, it is better to say that you can but you would rather not to because…then explain the reason or reasons why. This I believe is a more positive approach and takes away the burden of making excuses that are lies.

2. Because of Self-Doubt

Lack of faith in yourself and capabilities make you become dependent on the word can’t because it’s the easiest form of defense mechanism. Therefore, because of this lack of faith you become doubtful and place a limit on the things you are capable of doing.

Doubt and fear walks hand in hand and they will make you believe that certain things are out of your league to keep you discouraged and uncertain about your abilities. Once become discouraged every positive thing that comes your way to uplift you, you view as a burden and just say you can’t.

3.  Fear

Fear of outcome will also make you think that you “can’t.”  You are fearful of what might be, and.what might or might not happen. So without even thinking of trying you give in to your fears and settle with not knowing. Read more about Don’t Be Afraid Of Fear.

Eliminate The Word Can’t

Anything you feed your subconscious mind with, that’s what it will believe. So stop using the word “can’t”. By saying “I can’t” simple means that:

a.  You are living within your lower self. Meaning, you are listening to the part of you that keeps telling you that you are a failure and that you are not good enough. Once you continue to listen to your lower self you will forever be living with doubt and fear.

b.  You are a negative person, because “can’t” is a negative word. Remember that you should only harbor  positive words within you. Negative words will make you weak, helpless and dependent on others. By saying I can’t  simple means that you will be depending on someone else to make decisions for you because you are not capable enough to decide.

Use Empowering Words


Finally, can’t is a very destructive word and will leave you in the same place for the rest of your life. Watch your words and choose them wisely because they have power. Start using empowering words and start listening to your higher self which is the part of you that tells you that everything is possible, you are not a failure, you are strong  and that you are powerful. Tune in to this part of you every minute and every second because it’s the higher self that will make you victorious in all your endeavors. Starting now, tell yourself that you can.

Yes, you can!







4 thoughts on “THE WORD CAN’T”

  1. Sometimes “can’t” is a polite version of “won’t” 😉 It is easier to say “I cannot do this at the moment” than “I could do it, but at the moment I do not want to spend my time doing this, plus it is a rather annoying task I am not willing to do, so please take it somewhere else”. 😉


  2. It is a good advise to eliminate ‘can’t’ from our vocabulary. Whenever I think I can’t, I remember Apostle Paul’s words to the Phillipians (4:13): “I can do all things through Christ Who Strengthens me.”

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