Don’t Be Afraid Of Fear


So, here I am…my very first blog! I have contemplated blogging for so many years but I was afraid. Afraid that my contents would not be good enough. Afraid that viewers might just visit my page, take one look and not even read my contents. But guess what?  I have conquered my fear and did it anyway.

You see, FEAR is a crippling verb that keeps us still; trying to hold us back forever. Believe it or not it will! Fear will let us put off our burning desires and bring all sorts of negativity to our minds so that we give up on our passions and dreams. But we have to be bold and strong. We have to push our fears aside and get up and do what our hearts desire because if we do not try we will never know! Don’t you agree? How will I know if anyone will read this today? I don’t, but still I tried! And that’s the mindset we all should have because “nothing beats a failure but a trial.”


When I really think about it our fears are just our imaginations playing on us so that our  lives seem more scarier than it is. And in reality, there is nothing in life to be afraid of. Absolutely nothing! Nothing is as bad as it seems. So what if we try and we fail? We will not die! Moreover, as long as we try we did not fail. We fail when we refuse to try!  I know that we were not born to fail; we were born to be winners. And winners we are. So DO NOT be afraid of fear. Get up and do whatever you want to do because only then you will  know.

Oops! I finally did it and I’m feeling proud! If you think I should really be proud of myself for conquering my fear of blogging just leave me a comment to make me smile.  #oneloVe


30 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid Of Fear”

  1. This was a great reminder to just keep trying, no matter what. Nothing beats failure but a trial — that’s one of my favourite sayings, but hard to remember sometimes, hehe. 😛 I’m glad you conquered your fear of blogging! The first post does feel a bit like shouting into a void…

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  2. In the beginning of your post the word fera was capitalized however as you wrote and conquered it became the same as the other words. Your positively lifted me. Now I sit listening to the music of the rain whereas before it just seemed wet/cold. 🙂

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  3. I’m happy your conquered your fear it’s a pleasure reading your post! I actually had the same fear so it’s empowering to see how far you have gone with not letting anything stop you. 🙂 It’s a pleasure meeting you Dehan!

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  4. I love what you have done with your site. You ARE an inspiration! I love your energy and I am now following. Thank you for sharing, Dolphin Grins and Octopus Hugz to you

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  5. I did what you suggested and read the first post. I’m impressed. 365 people helped each year is a great goal but I think you’ll do far better than that! I can’t wait to dive into the rest of your posts!

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